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Trane Air ConditionerAlthough single- and two-stage heating and cooling equipment can provide sufficient comfort, variable-speed technology provides more energy-saving potential and precision temperature control.  The equipment automatically varies operating speed according to the conditions of the home, rather than running at full or single reduced capacity.  The result is substantial savings on monthly utility costs, quickly recovering the initial investment.

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Your home rarely requires your HVAC system to run at one hundred percent capacity.  Studies have shown that most homes call for full capacity less than five percent of the entire year.  Your variable-speed unit recognizes and responds to indoor demand, providing incremental operation.  When installed with zoning capability, a variable-speed unit can determine that the majority of the house is perfectly warm, with the exception of a single room.  The unit will then adapt operation to run at a lower capacity, and target that particular zone for heating.  This both conserves energy and enhances comfort.

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Contact Kappler Mechanical Heating & Air Conditioning Inc., and we’ll help you create a more efficient and comfortable home.  As a Trane Comfort Specialist Dealer, we specialize in industry-leading variable speed heating and cooling options.  As the number one dealer in our region for sales of these outstanding units, we have the hands-on experience, as well as the training, to perfectly match your needs to the right equipment.  Trane TruComfort systems slow down or speed up in one-tenth of one percent increments to maintain your indoor temperatures within a half degree of the thermostat setting.  By taking advantage of variable speed technology, these systems avoid full-blast, short cycles.

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